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November 17, 2008

LOTD for November 16

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Target workers thought that a $100 bill from a customer was counterfeit…she was upset and had $200 of medical bills and felt her good name was damaged. The jury awarded her $3.1 million, but Target is appealing the amount:

Couple working in India didn’t receive their absentee ballot in time, so they flew to New York to vote. They flew 9300 miles and spent $5000, but were happy to get to vote:

Nudists in Florida want to be able to vote naked:

Brazilian lingerie maker includes a GPS device to track the wearer:

Man was on a bowling team for 45 years until he finally bowled a 300 game. He gave his teammates high fives and then dropped dead:

The US used to have the world’s best graduation rate…now we are 13th best and our country is the only one in the industrialized world where young people are less likely to graduate from high school than their parents:

There were nearly 250 thefts of nuclear or radioactive material last year, which the International Atomic Energy Agency calls alarming…I agree and hate to think of who is buying that nuclear material on the black market!

The rates of adultery by men and women are increasing–over a 15 year period the rate for men rose from 20% to 28% and the rate for women tripled from 5% to 15%!

Half of US doctors prescribe placebos and many never tell their patients about it:

Women who gain more than 40 pounds during their pregnancy double their chances of having a baby 9 pounds or heavier, and those babies and mothers are at risk of future health problems:

Using cocaine 10 times during a lifetime results in a 4x chance of heart attacks:,48525.asp


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