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November 18, 2008

LOTD for November 18

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Livermore researchers have made some good advances in anti-matter generation:
Article link

Article about the threats and challenges posed by modern-day pirates:

Somali pirates got the $100 mil oil tanker in yesterday’s LOTD…now they got a Hong Kong cargo ship loaded with wheat that was bound for Iran:

It looks like top Generals agree with Obama’s strategy of trying to drive a wedge between insurgent groups, which could be used in Afghanistan:

Wired puts their spin on the Pentagon’s $581 mil budget request to Obama:

Australia is having recruiting problems for its Navy…so it is giving its Navy 2 months off with paid vacation to try to make Navy life more appealing. I’ve never heard of a country shutting down its Navy for two months!

Russia may be buying UAVs from Israel:

Report on how “green-collar” jobs present the next big growth area for US manufacturing:
Article link

AeroScout is giving the Air Force the capability to track any of its aircraft within this 110-million square foot facility using currently available WiFi, GPS, and high-gain antennas:

It is amazing how much theft can occur at some companies. This article describes how the head of IT at a major cable company refused to do an audit because he didn’t want anyone to know how they only had 20% of the equipment they owned!

Article about how today’s smart phones reduces or eliminates the need for travelers to bring their laptops:

Ubuntu will be running on ARM-based netbooks:

Yahoo’s CEO/co-founder is stepping down from his CEO position, largely due to the failed Microsoft acquisition:

Sprint won in court so Sprint-affiliate iPCS will not be able to block the Clearwire merger:

Sony started an eco-friendly service to dispose of old TVs when they install a new one:

Q&A on why green intiatives will survive the recession:

Article about all the trash cluttering consumer’s cars:

It is really, really sad that this women kept sending money to Nigerian e-mail scammers. She sent money to them for 2 years, even after her family and bank officials told her it was a scam! She lost $400k, including taking a mortgage out on her house and emptying her husband’s retirement account:,2933,453125,00.html

Hand model/magician sued KMart and Martha Stewart’s company because a faulty Martha Stewart-branded chair snapped off the tip of one finger:

This 44-year-old stripper filed a lawsuit claiming age discrimination:

This is for Lori and Eric: it looks like MTV is going to pick up Beauty and the Geek and make a celebrity version:


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