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November 19, 2008

LOTD for November 19

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It seems like a GREAT idea to recycle spent nuclear fuel instead of storing it! Not only would it remove the need to store and dispose of nuclear waste, but it would reduce the need to mine and process uranium:

Due to their major problems with worms and viruses, the DoD is banning all USB drives, CDs, flash media, and all other removable data storage devices from their networks…even though removable storage devices are relied on in the field:

China denies it engaged in space espionage…even after physicist Shu pled guilty to illegally giving data on space launch vehicles to China:

Scientists work on trying to better predict China’s earthquakes:

Interesting that there is a movement to enable public safety organizations to jam cell phone signals to prevent remote triggering of explosives in the US. I don’t see the big objection being raised about jamming cell phone signals in prisons, especially if the effect can be contained to just that area:

India’s Navy destroyed a Somali pirate ship but other pirates have seized other ships. It appears that Saudi Arabian may negotiate and pay a ransom for the oil tanker…a bad precedent that would really encourage piracy and make them quite wealthy, enabling them to upgrade their equipment:

The US is sharing Predator (UAV) video with the militaries of Iraq and Afghanistan:

China Mobile is planning to open their own Application Store to compete with the App Stores for Google and Apple:

Sprint is considering outsourcing thousands of jobs:

Gizmodo has a pretty detailed review of the Blackberry Storm:

Engadget likes the Storm, but feels its music capabilities aren’t as nice as its competition. I love the dock where it can play movies or serve as an alarm clock!

After reading those two reviews I found this article that has excerpts from 10 reviews of the Storm. Interesting that the Storm is considered better than the G1 phone and the biggest competition so far to the iPhone:

The DTVPal DVR seems like a GREAT option for those who don’t want to pay for cable or satellite service after the analog over-the-air channels go away. DVR service with *no* fees, hard drive that can record 150 hours of standard TV and 30 hours of HD TV, did I mention it has NO fees?

Looks like IE8 is a good upgrade for Microsoft–the browser wars will continue and Internet users will be the beneficiary:

Updates on Obama’s White House team. There was a LOT of talk at MILCOM about Obama’s transition team, especially with certain senior people having to change their plans to speak at MILCOM and either not getting to San Diego or suddenly flying from San Diego to DC because they were being added to Obama’s team…

Article about why Hilary is undecided about whether or not she wants to become Secretary of State:

I’m surprised (but pleased) that the Democrats did not take away Joe Lieberman’s positions as chair on the Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee and head of the Armed Services subcommittee that oversees air and land power issues. After he criticized Obama and campaigned for McCain, I see this as a good sign of reconciliation and moving away from strictly partisan politics:

Deputies tasered a pallbearer while he carried his father’s casket…couldn’t they have waited until he had finished loading the casket into the hearse?

Former investigator in the Coroner’s Office stole a credit card at a morgue and used it at a strip club!

Apparently Hawaii is the only state in which attending a dogfight is legal:

This Chicago Tribune feature details what goes on in a dogfight:,0,6883913.story

19-year-old man used a sandwich to assault his girlfriend:

Thief in Buffalo tried to steal a *bathtub*…he didn’t get far before he was caught:

Teacher let her Kindergarteners vote a student out of their class…she is suspended now:


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