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November 21, 2008

LOTD for November 21

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US Special Forces are getting their first 10 stealth helicopters:

University of Maryland expert says that Somali pirates have been getting closer relationships to Islamic militants:

There are a number of allegations about forced interrogation drug (“truth drug”) use on Gitmo detainees:

There are a growing list of companies that are calling for Congress to move on strong climate and energy legislation early in 2009 to spur the clean energy economy and reduce global warming:

Obama’s flip-phone account was accessed and viewed by Verizon employees without authorization…good thing he hadn’t used that account for months since he’s reliant on his Blackberry. Remember, security experts have already mentioned that they want Obama to give up his Blackberry once he becomes President due to concerns that his messages might not be secure…this incident pretty much should end Obama’s hopes to keep his Blackberry:

WalMart will be selling the iPhone on December 28…and the rumor is that the iPhone will cost just $149 in January because Apple needs to drop its price due to heavy competition:

Taiwan research company has developed a folding display for smartphones that would allow the smartphone to have a 5 inch screen!

Online ad spending is up (11% over last year) despite the weak economy:

Microsoft plans to release IE8 in the first half of next year:

Louisiana man’s cell phone saved his life when a stray bullet that hit him in his chest was deflected by the cell phone he put in the chest pocket of his overalls:


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