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November 22, 2008

LOTD for November 22

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There were long lines yesterday at Verizon stores with people who wanted the Blackberry Storm. Instead of opening at 10am, the stores opened at 7am and people were lining up at 4 or 4:30am. I went to the Verizon store in Del Mar yesterday and found out that they were sold out of Blackberry Storms by 7:35am…so some who went before 7am didn’t get phones. I placed an order and had my Storm shipped to Hawaii (we’ll be there soon!)…and found out that they wouldn’t charge tax because they were shipping the phone out of state! Plus, they turned the $50 rebate into a $50 instant credit that added to my other $50 credit (every 2 years I get a credit), so I saved a TON of money–basically $150 with free FedEx shipping!

Teen from Rancho Bernardo has had amazing success already…he won the National Spelling Bee 3 years ago (the first win from San Diego county) and now he won $75k for being the Teen Jeopardy champion!

4,300-year-old pyramid discovered in Egypt!

Silverton, Oregon elected the US’s first transgender mayor:

For 10 years in a row, they have had the “Naked Pumpkin Run” at a Colorado Mall, where at 11pm people run around the Mall naked with a pumpkin on their head. This year the police caught 12 of the runners and arrested them, the first time they have made arrests, and the runners will have to register as sex offenders if they are convicted of indecent exposure!

8-year-old boy planned and carried out the murder of his father and someone who rented a room in their home. Other reports stated that each man was shot 4 times with a .22-caliber rifle:

To get an indication of why Somali pirates aren’t being cracked down on by the government, here is a disturbing story. 13-year-old girl reported that she was raped by 3 men…and since the government followed Islamic law, they arrested her for adultery (none of the men she accused of rape were arrested!). They followed the punishment for adultery, which meant that they buried her in the ground and 50 men threw stones at her until she was dead. 1,000 people were at the soccer stadium watching this, A few people tried to intervene and militia members shot at them, killing an 8-year-old boy:


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