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November 23, 2008

LOTD for November 23

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13-year-old student in Florida was arrested for farting in school:

Awesome breakthrough for a new source of green energy…a fungus actually can make fuel! This could potentially by the cleanest source of biofuel and the fungus could potentially be grown in factories and other places instead of just at farms:

It is interesting to me that people earning over $250k would be taxed more under Obama’s plan than McCain’s plan, yet 52% of them voted for Obama!

Man with NO ARMS stole a TV in broad daylight in Germany. Two accomplices clamped the TV to his body before they walked out of the store, and apparently nobody noticed anything!,27574,24634506-5012895,00.html

This study *really* seems to indicate that pregnant women really have to watch their caffeine intake. Drinking 100-199 milligrams of caffeine per day results in a 20% increased risk of having a baby with low birth weight, and drinking 200-299 milligrams of caffeine per day results in a 50% increased risk of having a baby with low birth weight. A single Starbucks grande coffee has 330 milligrams of caffeine! Underweight babies are more likely to have a wide range of healths problems later in life including heart problems, diabetes, and high blood pressure:

Even though the women in this study washed their hands more often, women had significantly more types of bacteria on their hands than men:

New study found that bullies actually like to watch suffering, unlike non-bullies whose brains did show that activity in the pleasure centers while watching others suffer:


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