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November 24, 2008

LOTD for November 24

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It is CRAZY to me that this teacher faced 40 years in prison because spyware on the school computer (not her personal computer, a school computer that lots of people had access to) popped up porn ads! Only the aid of some tech groups were able to show that the teacher was not at fault. Unfortunately for her, the state refuses to let her get her teaching credential back:

Former Secretary of State Donald Rumsfeld now says that he was for the surge, even though his internal memos at the time were against it:

Shipping companies advocate either blockading Somalia pirates’ home bases or attacking Somalia:

The Army has created a video game unit and will invest $50 mil over 5 years on games and gaming systems designed to prepare soldiers for combat:

Pilot program at LAX allows for passengers to receive boarding passes on their cell phones or PDAs that can be scanned by TSA workers…no need for paper boarding passes!

The FDA is opening 3 offices in China:

The latest iPhone update (OS 2.2) doesn’t fix key flaws for business that gives the Blackberry Storm a chance to get into the Enterprise:

Editorial about how smartphones may be the savior for mobile operators in this tough economy:

I remember when HTC first estimated that they would sell 500,000 G1 phones in 2008. They then raised their estimate to 600,000 after strong pre-orders, and they now raised their estimate to 1 million G1 phones this year;

Verizon fired the workers who looked at Obama’s voice phone records. All of those workers were customer service employees and the phone they looked up was a voice-only line that was actually inactive:

WiMAX is projected to have 103 million subscribers by 2013…but HSPA is projected to have more than 1 billion subscribers by then:

South Carolina prison plans to jam celluar signals…but there is strong opposition to the plan:

There are 11,585 mutual funds in the US…and 11,584 of them have lost money this year. One mutual fund is actually even this year:

Arkansas man sues McDonald’s after he left his cell phone at a McDonald’s and nude photos on his phone he had of his wife and him showed up online:

Woman had a tapeworm removed from her brain…sound like someone else who was infected didn’t wash their hands when preparing her food:


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