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November 25, 2008

LOTD for November 25

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Looks like the Blackberry Storm is in HIGH demand…orders online won’t ship until December 15! The salesperson said that I’d receive the Storm in Hawaii on Saturday or Monday…but it is Tuesday night and I still don’t have it! I’m worried that it won’t get to Hawaii before we leave! I talked with the Verizon store today and was told that ANY order made after 9am (the store doesn’t normally open until 10am!) on the first day wouldn’t be ready until after December 16…but somehow my salesperson had them get me in line in front of those people (even though we ordered it around 11:30am) since it was shipped via FedEx priority overnight shipping today and I should have it tomorrow!

Gyroids can be used to create low-cost solar cells:

The US State Department is using Facebook and MTV to get youth groups to help fight crime and terrorism:

They have finally figured out how Dolphins are able to swim faster than was thought to be physically possible…and they used that research to help US Olympic swimmers in the Beijing Olympics:

Defense Secretary Gates has been asked to stay in his position after Obama takes over. This was what I was hearing at MILCOM and it has come to pass:

Indian Admiral says that NATO is treating Somali pirates too well:

I never would have thought that the top text messaging market in the US would be El Paso!
Press release

What a surprise…problems with Windows 7 has forced Microsoft to fall behind schedule in released its first public beta version:

The tough economy is forcing Apple to release a netbook soon:

One possible benefit of the recession…it might kill the banner ad industry!

Man was arrested for stealing an ATM…he tried to throw it down a hill to crack it open to get the money, but he ended up falling down the hill with the ATM and he was found trapped inside the skid loader he used to steal the ATM:


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