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November 26, 2008

LOTD for November 26

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It is really, really sad to read about the coordinated terrorist attacks on Americans and Britons in India. This will also significantly hurt India’s tourism industry and economy:

The Pennsylvania National Guard will use the “flying beer keg” to monitor operations in Iraq:

DARPA is putting $22 mil into guided bullet technology:

Senior US Commander says that al Qaeda’s focus is Pakistan, not Afghanistan or Iraq:

The Pentagon has spent $14 bil so far to combat IEDs, but there are still around 1.750 IED attacks every month, with 1,400 of them in Iraq or Afghanistan:

New math technique to describe invisibility cloaks could lead to simpler and more effective invisibility cloaks:

Summary of the outlook for the military when Obama takes over:

A missile defense shield test failed near Hawaii:

Xilinx’s new Virtex 5 FXT FPGA can support 5 Gbps throughput with PCI Express:

Here is the list of the round of pardons given by Bush before he leaves office. I’m sure that there are interesting back stories on how these people got on the list instead of so many other candidates. This list isn’t as bad as the pardon list by Clinton right before he left office, at least in my opinion:

Verizon stores will have extended hours now, primarily due to heavy interest in the Blackberry Storm:

I’m amazed at these Nielsen results. I always thought that teens and young adults were the heaviest users of the Internet. However the statistics show that the heaviest internet users are people 35-64 years old!


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