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December 1, 2008

LOTD for December 1

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There is actually a DNA test now that can tell parents what sports their child might be suited for:;no_interstitial=&=&%2359;pagewanted=all&pagewanted=all

The terrorists that attacked India used GPS, satellite phones, and Google Earth:

The Mumbai terrorists used similar tactics as the Somali pirates:

Boeing had its first full-power laser firing for their nuclear defense shield program. However, in my opinion the serious limitations of the program and the change in Presidents will probably result in cutbacks or cancellation of this program:

Interesting description of the first Littoral Combat Ship, the USS Freedom:

One of the Iraqi translators the US military used was arrested for actually being a spy for Saddam Hussein:

Private contractors (like Haliburton) are not happy with the US-Iraq deal because it exempts US military from personnel but gives Iraq the right to arrest US contractors who commit crimes.

The mobile satellite industry has made an amazing comeback…I remember the days when Iridium, GlobalStar, and ICO were in major trouble–I even lectured about that in a class I taught:

European Union strategy to combat crime would include putting Trojan viruses on suspects’ PCs so that police can search their computers remotely. However, how will they prevent security software from detecting the malware or just changing computers?

IBM predicted 5 big inventions that will come in the next 5 years…some are pretty interesting, like solar technology being built into paint, asphalt, and windows!

New technique discovered could lead to cheaper and portable MRI machines:

Study found that 100 meter sprinters could someday get the record time down to 9.48 seconds!

Clearwire completed its transaction with Sprint and received the $3.2 bil investment from its partners. Clearwire will brand their service “Clear” and use the marketing slogan “Let’s be Clear”. I have some experience with Clearwire now because we set up my in-laws with Clearwire while I was in Hawaii…they canceled on Clearwire after having it for a few days, but that was due to other factors.

Article about how Google’s Android platform is a key to Google’s future growth:

Apple had another “misleading” ad banned in the UK:

WeFi is up to 10 million WiFi APs and 1 million users:

I didn’t realize that netbook screens are over 10 inches now…that is approaching laptop sizes!

Microsoft’s Vista Service Pack 2 is expected to be released in April:

More people get lost in London than in any other city on Earth. 25% of people are currently using mobile technology to help them get around:

Wow, the real story about the Connecticut teacher who almost went to prison for malware that was on a school computer is even worse than we had heard last week!

Wisconsin radio station had to split its prize after 2 people lived in a truck for 55 days to try to win a car…the radio station worried that the contest would never end so they got the contestants to accept a smaller prize each:


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