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December 2, 2008

LOTD for December 2

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Somali pirates attacked a luxury cruise ship going between Rome and Singapore…I wouldn’t want to be on any ship traveling near Yemen right now!,2933,459445,00.html

Mercenaries and sound blaster weapons are have been advocated as ways to stop the Somali pirates…but mercenaries armed with the sound blaster weapons were no match for the pirates in this attack:

The Air Force is seeking to nearly double its UAV fleet by 2011. DoD spending on UAVs will reach $3.5 billion next year!,AirGuardCouldDoubleDroneFleet.aspx

Article about how communications during terrorists are a good thing–this article points out the the exchange of information (via Twitter or other means) calms people and reduces terror:

Lessons from the Mumbai terrorist attacks:

Body swapping technique seems like a big breakthrough for therapists and a potential goldmine for theme parks. This technique allows a person to feel like he/she has swapped bodies with someone else…so, a man and see things while being in a woman’s body or a young person can be in an elderly person’s body, etc.:

Gov. Palin’s campaigning in Georgia and recent interviews shows that she plans to remain on the national stage:

Operational testing for the $2 bil wireless network that M/A-COM is building for New York has been indefinitely suspended…they need more time to evaluate the systems integration test before they decide if they should do the operational testing.

The FCC will delay the D block (700 MHz) re-auction, which probably means that the new FCC (after Obama makes his changes) will handle the auction. The auction was supposed to take place in December, so I can’t see how they can push it back and have the auction take place before Obama makes his changes:

Hackers ported Linux to the 3G iPhone (and the previous generation’s iPhone and iTouch). They are working to get Android running on the iPhone:

Wow, this site somehow got the unreleased operating system update for the Blackberry Storm and it seems like a LOT of improvements are coming–battery life (though my battery lasts several days even when my wife and I check our e-mail constantly and use the web browser), bug fixes (though I haven’t had any of these bugs happen to me), etc:

MySpace for BlackBerry set download records for both RIM (Blackberry) and MySpace:

Nokia acquired Symbian Limited:

Report found that companies that sell packaged goods need to go green if they want to remain profitable in the long term.

Aquafina and Sam’s Club recently handed out 25,000 fleece jackets to kids in schools…the jackets were made from recycled Aquafina bottles. The jackets went to the 100 schools that recycled the most bottles, and the top 50 schools also got a $1000 Sam’s Club gift card:

Nintendo sure is making a TON of money on the Wii!

The Wii was the most searched-for item on eBay on Black Friday…Wii Fit was the second most search-for item:

Web traffic was up 10% on Black Friday compared to last year:

“Dead” deer attacked hunter, sending him to the hospital:

Woman is suing a radio station after the “great catch” that she won a date with raped her on the date that she won…the radio station promoted their “Win a date with Travis” competition last year but apparently didn’t do a proper background check because Travis has a criminal history! Travis pled *guilty* to criminal sexual abuse on that date…so the radio station is probably in bad shape in this lawsuit. They are lucky that she’s asking for just $50k:,0,1427187.story

18-year-old guy tried to shoplift a $16 pair of earrings from a Florida JCPenny store. When a security officer confronted him, he swallowed the earrings…but x-rays confirmed that he had the earrings:

Chinese tomb included a 2,700-year-old stash of pot!


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