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December 3, 2008

LOTD for December 3

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The Russians paid $1.4 million in diamonds and cash to FBI agent Robert Hanssen to betray the US. The Russians offered American journalist Joshua Kucera between $300 and $400 (plus, they bought him a fajita meal) to write propaganda for Russia. The FBI knew all about his meeting and asked him for all the details of his meeting with the Russian agent:

Haliburton subcontractor kept 1,000 Asians confined in a windowless warehouse for up to 3 months without money or a place to work! They took away their passports, violating US military instructions to contractors. Those Asian men paid about $2,000 each for what they were told was jobs in Iraq…but instead they were basically put in a jail in Iraq, with conditions probably worse than at some US prisons:

The US Army is building an Island in Second Life:

The company that makes the sonic blasters defended its performance against the Somali pirates:

Robotic device and functional MRI actually can help stroke victims regain the use of their body. This sounds like an improved rehab technique and a great use of robotics!

Study found that science and engineering PhD graduates enter the workforce ready to do research but are not necessarily prepared to teach as a professor. As someone who took undergraduate classes at 2 schools and graduate classes at 3 schools and then was a professor, I can honestly say that I’ve seen a lot of professors (some who had been professors for quite some time) who were mediocre to poor teachers and could have benefited from some training on how to teach:

Clearwire’s statement that they could use LTE in the future has generated some discussion:

Commentary about how Public Safety should insist on LTE instead of WiMAX for their future network, based partially on Clearwire’s statement about LTE:

Wow, in the UK you can get a G1 phone for free with a $44 monthly phone/data plan!

In the UK you can also get a dog collar with a mobile phone to track your dog’s location with your cell phone. Apparently there is a lot of dog theft in the UK, with 2,500 dogs lost or stolen every week last year!

Rancho Bernardo (San Diego County) calculus teacher’s photocopying budget is not enough to cover all of his exams…so he’s selling ads on his tests!

More info on the Connecticut teacher (Julie Amero) case:


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