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December 4, 2008

LOTD for December 4

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This special forces soldier used his radio to direct air strikes while pinned down in Afghanistan by insurgent fire with two injured teammates. He killed 4 attackers with his rifle and directed the air support strikes that incapacitated as many as 240 insurgents, including the targeted leader…the enemy was often just meters away from him! No medal has been reported yet, but that has to be just a matter of time:

The Taliban is actually softening some of their hard-line practices in order to win the hearts and minds of the Afghan people…that was something that Al Qaeda in Iraq didn’t do and they ended up turning the population against them because of that:

Problems with getting reliable electricity in remote areas of Afghanistan have resulted in NATO using solar powered lamps:

New silicon solar cell can be more efficient and cost less than current solar cells:

This car completed the first solar-powered trip around the world. Its trip went to 38 countries, took 17 months, and covered 38,000 miles:

The Mumbai attackers were high on cocaine, LSD and took steroids while training in Pakistan. I didn’t realize that one attacker was captured by India…they are getting this information from him by some unreported means:

This sounds like a movie plot, with a Hollywood actress, FBI agent, wiretapper, and spies wrapped into a convoluted love story:

Iridium is now up to 309,000 subscribers, up from 225,000 last year:

The second Android phone has been launched…it is available in Australia and will work with any Australian network! I really like my Blackberry Storm, but an Android phone like this one or the G1 had been available for Verizon:

Free Android application will give G1 users the flu danger levels for any zip code in the country:

Nokia might start its own brand of laptop/netbook computers:

Nokia downgraded its global market outlook for the second time in less than a month! Since they are the market leader, this is a bad sign for the entire handset industry:

IBM and Canonical announced a virtualized software bundle that runs on Ubuntu Linux that is MUCH cheaper than running Microsoft’s Office suite on Window PCs. Large companies will pay just $49 for the software and $10 for Ubuntu support…$59 per worker would really undercut Microsoft’s prices!

Some cities won’t have a local newspaper by 2010:

Swedish woman’s disability payments for whiplash because of a car accident have been stopped because they determined that her boobs were too large and were actually the cause of her neck and shoulder pain:


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