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December 8, 2008

LOTD for December 8

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Marine jet crashed into a University City (San Diego) neighborhood this afternoon, killing 2 people on the ground (with 2 others missing from that house) and sparking a fire that is being fought now:

Officials said that the F/A-18 was returning from a training mission and about to land at Miramar when

Militants burned more than 160 NATO vehicles in Pakistan that were on their way to the troops in Afghanistan:

Predator UAV will keep watch over the US-Canada border:

Vintage flying car on sale for $3.5 mil. It can go 60mph on the road and 110 mph in the air:

Google released the first SIM-unlocked and hardware-unlocked version of the G1 phone so that developers can work on the G1 phone without signing up with a service contract:

Rumor is that a 4GB iPhone 3G will be available in January (when companies will need to slash inventory) for $99 at WalMart!

Bloomberg says that WalMart employees are getting training right now on selling the iPhone and that it could be in their store before Christmas:

Qualcomm has an aggressive development schedule for LTE, probably because they want to reduce the time-to-market advantage for WiMAX:

AT&T and T-Mobile have big WiFi networks, so it is understandable that their cellular branches support WiFi on mobile phones. Verizon has been pushing back against WiFi for a long time (probably why the Storm has no WiFi but AT&T’s Blackberry Bold does) and Sprint’s view of WiFi is complicated by its WiMAX plans:

Sprint is rumored to be having a massive layoff in January:

Standard and Poors has dropped Motorola’s credit rating to junk status because of the struggles of its cellular handset sales, and they do not expect Motorola’s situation to improve anytime soon:


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