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December 9, 2008

LOTD for December 9

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This is a classic example of the capacity for people to forgive and to show compassion to others when they themselves are grieving. I don’t know how I would react to this…this man lost his wife, 2 young daughters, and mother-in-law, but he speaks out to try to help the pilot feel better:

The latest version of the Honda Insight blog shows its display at the LA auto show and how it is on Facebook now:

Cyber security is a huge problem not just in the US…right now details to withdraw cash from 21 million German bank accounts are for sale!

The poor economic conditions may leave a lot of IT workers out of jobs and force them software engineers into cyber crimes:

Criminals and terrorists have been using VoIP phones because it keeps their communications private:

“Multiple Kill Vehicle” prototype really does look like something from Star Wars:

Passengers on a round-the-world cruise were evacuated and flown to Dubai to avoid the Somali pirates:

Caltech-led team demonstrated a sustained optical network data flow of more than 110 Gbps!

Dean Kamen (inventor of the Segway) owns an island off the coast of Connecticut that has been upgraded with green technology to get off the power grid:

Really cool “MiFi” device lets users use any 3G cellular service to create a mobile WiFi hotspot. The device is tiny and comes with a rechargeable battery…this could really find a market. $200 before subsidies is a great price point:

Developers are spending more time creating applications for the Razr V3 phone than any other phone:

Sony will develop Android phones–they had previous declined to join the Open Handset Alliance (they sent out a press release about that in November 2007) and had stated that they preferred to focus on their UIQ interface:

The list of potential Yahoo! CEOs includes Vodafone’s recently retired CEO:

Very positive review for Vista Service Pack 2–interesting that its code base is very similar to the unreleased Windows 7:

Using Leno at 10pm instead of ER/Law & Order/etc. will be an interesting tactic for NBC. At least this way he’ll stay with NBC…but his rumored salary of $40 mil to $50 mil means this will be an expensive and risky experiment:

It is sad how they Photoshopped Jessica Alba for her calendar…if she isn’t up to standards for the beauty industry, our standards are impossibly high!

Woman was arrested when she smuggled a monkey from Thailand to the US. She hid the monkey under her blouse on the plane and actually got through customs at LAX with the monkey!


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