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December 10, 2008

LOTD for December 10

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The Hubble found carbon dioxide on a Jupiter-sized planet about 65 light-years away:

It appears that Defense Secretary Gates will use his power as a Obama appointee to cut back expensive weapons and systems that the Pentagon wants…bad news for FCS, F-22, and other such programs and good news for lower-cost programs such as UAVs:,0,677429,full.story

iRobot is laying off 10% of its workforce:

The terrorist group that was responsible for the Mumbai attacks also trained American Jihadists:

President Mugabe has really driven Zimbabwe into the ground. Now they have a massive cholera outbreak and most of their population will not be able to be treated:

The DoD announced a successful test of its missile shield, as a missile was shot down during a test last week:

Hackers will be targeting pdf and flash files next year. Flash ads on websites are often not quarantined and they can inject malicious code undetected:

The UK will get a nation-wide public safety communications network that is separate for their other communications networks:

Satellite services might be the solution to public safety’s interoperability problem for communications:

Verizon will deploy LTE next year, sooner than had been expected. Their combination of a LTE with a WiFi access point in the home would get me to cancel our cable modem and save money:

Netbook sales have passed iPhone sales:

HP will be offering a battery next year that is guaranteed to last 3 years without *any* degradation in performance! It also charges to 80% capacity in just 30 minutes…maybe Lori’s next laptop will be an HP because battery life has been a problem for her laptops in the past:

Discussion about whether or not Motorola will be able to survive through next year:

Nortel has already hired legal counsel to explore bankruptcy:

Sprint might be announcing an Android handset soon!

It is hard for me to believe that Illinois’ Governor was involved in such blatant corruption, including his plans to sell the rights to fill Obama’s vacated Senate seat:

FBI agents were shocked by the Govenor’s statements on the phone…when you are so corrupt that you can shock veteran FBI agents, you are at a whole new level of corruption! First Illinois has a Republican governor sent to prison for corruption, now the Democrat that replaced him will also be going to prison (if he’s convicted, of course, but that seems like just a matter of time):

It appears that Android is enabling smaller, lesser-known electronics companies to enter the smartphone market:

VoIP specialist enables the iTouch to be used as a phone:

Surgeon in Congo was able to save a boy’s life by following instructions via text message:

Study found that loner dolphins have just as many offspring as dolphins that socialize more:

Researchers have developed electronics that can be stretched and twisted:

Advances in magnetic semiconductors may enable Moore’s law to remain true via Germanium nanowires:

The world’s largest neutrino telescope is being built at the South Pole! It must be amazing to see that huge telescope rising out of the ice:

The burden of cancer doubled between 1975 and 2000, and it is projected to double again by 2020 and nearly triple by 2030. China, Russia, and India have larger increases in cancer than the global average:

This is NOT a development that I am in favor of…TiVo will show “premium ads” when users try to fast forward through commercials!

This list of the top 100 high schools in the US is always interesting to me. I’m impressed the the Charter School that Oscar de la Hoya started in LA is ranked #53 in the country despite having over 99% minority students, with over 96% of the students considered disadvantaged. 73.2% of the students at that school are considered college ready, which is extremely high even when not taking into account the area the school is in! Monta Vista High (which our kids would have walked to if we had stayed in Cupertino) is #73 on the list and Gunn High (I think our friends have kids that will go there) is #74. California was #4 among states while Hawaii was tied for last:

This 94-year-old man didn’t start to play golf until he was 75 years old…and now he’s had 3 holes in one since he turned 90!

The adult industry has found the cell phone market to be quite profitable–that market is expected to reach $5 billion by 2013, with video chat the biggest moneymaker:

Just so I don’t lose the link to this article, I’m including it here. This is about hydroponic instruction at Olomana school:


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