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December 11, 2008

LOTD for December 11

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Warning to all IE users! Chinese researchers accidentally released the code to attack IE7…they thought Microsoft’s last patch closed the vulnerability so they released the code, but Microsoft hasn’t closed that hole yet!

Remember yesterday’s article about the cholera problem in Zimbabwe? The South Africa-Zimbabwe border has been declared a cholera disaster area due to all of the people from Zimbabwe trying to leave their country:

The Nobel prize-winning physicist that Obama selected to run our Energy Department is a strong supporter of using alternative energy to get away from fossil fuels. The 4,000-person lab that he’s been the director of has been a center of research for solar energy and biofuels:

Students from Asian countries are the tops in the world in both math and science at both the 4th and 8th grade levels. For math, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, and Japan are *far* above the next highest group of countries (which includes the US). For science, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan and Korea are above the next group…at the 8th grade level, the US was not in the top 10:

The Air Force is now using “battlefield acupuncture” to treat troops suffering from severe or chronic pain. They even trained the Army Rangers in it:,0,3574554.story?track=rss

DARPA gave UAV maker General Atomics $20 mil to research algae-based jet fuel:

Worldwide WiMAX equipment sales dropped 21% in the previous quarter and WiMAX sales are expected to keep decreasing through 2009. This is *not* good news for WiMAX, especially with LTE being introduced in 2009:

Flash and Java will not be on the iPhone before Christmas. This article says that no apparent progress has been made over the past year:

G1 users need to be aware that some Android applications have the ability to turn on data roaming while in use…that could lead to expensive roaming charges when G1 users are outside of the country! Customers are informed about how the applications can turn on data roaming when they download the applications, but they might not pay attention to the warning:

I wonder when this will show up on CSI…fingerprints can reveal past drug use, medical history, and whether or not someone has fired a gun or handled explosives:

Three KFC workers in California have been suspended because they bathed in a deep sink that is used to wash dishes and one of them posted photos of that on a social networking site:


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