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December 12, 2008

LOTD for December 12

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Waste coffee grounds can be processed into fuel that cars use at the game pump? Amazing that something that just fills landfills now could be efficiently turned into fuel…and that the gas smells like java!

DoD project intended to support the troops misspent millions of taxpayer money:

Somali pirates apparently have a world wide information gathering network:

Given all the talk about the credit crunch, it is impressive that Verizon was able to get $17 billion in loans to complete its Alltel purchase. If I was a bank and had to worry about being paid back, a profitable company like Verizon would be ideal for me:

Sprint was hit with a second class-action lawsuit brought by its employees:

Even worse, Sprint’s credit rating has been reduced to “junk” status:

Finally they are bundling laptops/netbooks with cellular service like they are doing in Europe. This netbook will be just $99 at Radioshack for AT&T customers:,2817,2336765,00.asp

Wii sales are really amazing this year, especially since it is the 3rd Christmas season for the game console. I’m surprised that eBay is still going strong for the Wii since I know that the local stores have been getting a LOT of Wiis this year. More than 125,000 Wiis sold on eBay in 90 days?

Wii sales were almost triple XBox 360 sales in November, nearly 6x PS3 sales:

These pizza thieves thought they made their getaway…but police just followed their tracks in the snow!

DC TV station found out that the McCain/Palin campaign was having a yard sale, so they bought some Blackberries at the bargain price of $20 each. They were SHOCKED to find out that one of the Blackberries still had the contacts and e-mails on it from one of the campaign insiders. I can’t believe that the campaign didn’t wipe the phones and computer hard drives before the yard sale!
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