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December 14, 2008

LOTD for December 14

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Ambitious Chinese company is making a big push with their plug-in car. Warren Buffet taking a 10% stake in their company is a big endorsement of their plans:

The Indian Navy captured 23 Somali pirates:

A bank employee found a bomb outside of a bank in Oregon. For some reason, the police officers that were trying to defuse the bomb *brought the bomb into the bank before defusing it*!! The bomb went off in the bank, killing 2 officers and injuring another officer and a bank employee. The inside of the bank was extensively damaged:

Iraqi TV correspondent *threw his shoe* at Pres. Bush today during a news conference in Iraq:

The BBC got a lot of angles in this video of the shoe throwing. The TV guy actually threw BOTH shoes, one at a time:

The graveyards are running out of space in the UK…so the British government has allowed city councils to dig up graves and bury them deeper so that they can make space for a new burial on top of that grave. I wonder what the families of those dug up and buried under other graves would think of this plan…I know I would be furious:

Huntington, West Virginia is considered the unhealthiest city in the country, with about half of their residents obese. They are also the top city for heart disease, diabetes, and are the top city for having their elderly lose all of their teeth (half of them have):

This guy put up his rusted 1963 Pontiac LeMans Tempest on eBay with an opening bid of $500. The car had no motor or transmission and he didn’t even have the key to the trunk! He was *shocked* to find out that the car was rare and had been the fastest drag racing car in 1963. Someone offered him $160,000 to end his auction early, but he didn’t want to get negative eBay feedback so he turned the guy down. With 7 minutes remaining in the auction, the top bid was $95,000…but things went crazy at the end and the auction went for $226,521! This guy apparently had no idea he was sitting on a gold mine!


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