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December 15, 2008

LOTD for December 15

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I didn’t realize that throwing a shoe at someone was a gesture of contempt in the Arab world:

Some in the Iraqi Army liked the shoe tossing, others didn’t like that the reporter threw his shoe at Pres. Bush:

The Air Force has failed its third nuclear inspection this year. The Air Force has 3 missile bases with ICBMs and all 3 bases have failed their nuclear inspections this year!

Somali pirates will be tried in courts in Kenya:

Hackers have illegally gotten permits to cut down 7 million cubic meters of the Brazilian Rain Forest:

3D biometric facial-recognition software is coming, and they are looking to embed the technology into passports:

This acoustic technology from BBN does a good job at finding sniper locations:

Gen. Petraeus urges international cooperation to the illegal weapons and drug trade and piracy, since those things provide the money and support for many terrorist groups:

It amazes me that inflation in Zimbabwe hit 8 quintillion percent! That is 18 zeroes after the 8!

The FCC canceled several controversial votes–those issues will be taken up next year under the new Administration and new Chairs in Congress overseeing the FCC:

China is awarding 3G licenses finally–they say that it is a response to the struggling world economy. The $29.1 billion in equipment they will buy will be GREATLY appreciated by the telecom industry!

Most people in the world will access the Internet via their cell phones by 2020:

Sprint just launched the first push-to-talk Blackberry–this special Blackberry Curve has integrated WiFi and GPS also:

Press release

Alcatel-Lucent is cutting jobs and focusing on LTE, cutting their WiMAX work:

Nortel may be delisted from the NY Stock Exchange. It is amazing how much things change–I remember visiting their HUGE campus in Ottawa in the late 90s and seeing how well they were doing and how quickly they were growing:

Google’s Chrome browser is already out of Beta–they apparently are trying to get it preloaded on computers:


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