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December 17, 2008

LOTD for December 17

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The UN Security Council has unanimously authorized land and air attacks on Somali pirates:

This report about how a cruise ship was attacked by a swarm of 40 to 50 pirate boats is interesting, especially when the cruise ship scolded passengers who talked about the attack:,21985,24755235-661,00.html

The cruise line is insisting that those “pirate ships” were actually tuna fishing boats:

Wired points out that tuna fishermen around Somalia *are* Somali pirates:

The Navy showed off the new UAVs that Northrop made for them. The $600 mil program is for the first two UAVs, but if they are as stealthy and can do the expanded missions that the Navy wants, I’m sure Northrop will be making more of that armed UAV:

India is creating a Federal Agency to combat terrorism:

Two freight trains carrying hazardous material collided in Minnesota!

The Department of Homeland Security says that SeaWorld Orlando could be vulnerable to terrorists that are after the chemicals needed for Weapons of Mass Destruction:,0,2967482.story

Billboards in Japan contain cameras that watch the people that walk by to see how many look at the ad:

NTT DoCoMo successfully trialed an LTE link at 100 Mbps:{6F446E65-7989-426B-99F5-0087EC0EA4EF}

The $99 iPhone rumors for WalMart were apparently far off the mark. It is interesting that they are starting with a pilot program today where each WalMart will only get 5 iPhones and they will sell them to employees via lottery:

AT&T is now selling refurbished iPhones for $50 off the retail price:;jsessionid=OP1JUA3EALOEQQSNDLOSKH0CJUNN2JVN?articleID=212500815

Hackers have successfully unlocked the 3G iPhone:

Sprint is releasing a dual-mode laptop modem that can use both 3G CDMA and WiMAX:

Netbook sales have increased tremendously, leading to speculation that Apple will pre-announce a network at Macworld. I am shocked that Apple won’t attend any Macworlds after this one:

Some high-profile Republicans are upset with the Republican National Committee’s latest attack on Obama:

An increasing number of people under 40 are being buried with their cell phones. One widow buried her husband with his cell phone in 2005 and continues to pay his cell phone bill so that she can call his phone and leave voicemails. Some people are calling the cell phone as the casket is being lowered so that the person’s ring tone can be heard as a sort of tribute:

Technology is helping Santa make his magic:


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