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December 18, 2008

LOTD for December 18

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Discussion about whether or not Wikileaks went too far when they posted classified material on the IED jammers that US troops were using in Iraq. Very interesting discussion here also about how US soldiers are upset that we’ve spent billions on jammers without worrying about how they will not be able to communicate when the IED jammers are turned on:

The UK military will be out of Iraq by the middle of next year:

2009 is expected to be the first year that US R&D spending declines in more than a decade:

UCLA researchers have found a way to genetically modify E. coli to turn it into fuel!

Before leaving office, the Bush Administration just made permanent changes to the H2-B Visa program:

More people in the South die than in any other part of the US:

New York hasn’t completed their evaluation of the systems integration testing of M/A-COM’s network, which means that operational testing will be put off to next year instead of starting on December 3:

It looks like the LTE standard in on schedule, as they firmed up its specs:

LTE’s main competition is WiMAX via Clearwire…but it looks like the $3.2 billion investment Clearwire got isn’t going to be enough for them to build their nationwide network. So, they either need to slow down their plans (losing their time-to-market edge on LTE) or get *more* money from their investors:

The Exclusivity deals that Apple got for the iPhone in Europe are in jeopardy…Orange lost their exclusivity in France and other countries like UK may invalidate the exclusive deals Apple made:
Article link

Obama named a second Republican to his candidate, plus the fourth person who ran for President in the past election was added to his cabinet:

Delta is offering in-flight WiFi, with it being free for now due to a promotion going on:
Press release

I think that it is odd that people in the UK would be more upset about losing their cell phone than their car!

Interesting that people watch more videos on the Internet during the workday as opposed to the weekend or at night:

Muslim woman has been ordered to serve 10 days in jail because she wouldn’t take off her head scarf at a suburban Atlanta courthouse:,2933,468785,00.html

Middle school janitor was found with naked photos of middle school students (another report said it was topless photos of middle school cheerleaders) on his cell phone:

Retired schoolteacher was dressed as Santa and passing out presents to kids on Black Friday…but a New York cop gave him a parking ticket anyway:


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