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December 19, 2008

LOTD for December 19

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Canadian PhD student found a way to modify cell phones so that they use 12x less power than before!

The Networx Universal telecommunications program is the Federal Government’s biggest telecommunications program…IDIQ of $48.1 billion for secure Internet connections to federal agencies. AT&T was awarded the first contract for that program:

The guy who bred mutant fruit flies for DARPA that only needed 1/3 the normal amount of sleep just joined the DARPA project to create a fake cat brain:

NASA plans to donate its shuttles and spare main engines for free to museums and educational institutions. However, the decommisioning costs will have to be paid by the receiving organizations–that comes out to $42 million for a shuttle and about $600k for an engine:

Samsung will launch an Android-based phone for T-Mobile and Sprint in Q2 of 2009:

Huawei will have their Android-based phone ready by Q3 of 2009:

RIM seems to be doing well–the day the BlackBerry Storm launched they added the most subscribers ever for a single day:

After getting in a huge shipment, Verizon stores finally had the BlackBerry Storm in stock again…we’ll see how long they last!
Press release

Interesting that 75% of BlackBerry Storm customers are new to BlackBerry, but the BlackBerry Bold mainly is going for BlackBerry customers upgrading from their old BlackBerries:

Contrary to rumors, the BlackBerry Storm does not have a high return rate–it is the lowest for any PDA with Verizon:

Palm is really struggling–their revenue dropped sharply and they lost $506 mil this past quarter:

Another article about my Dad–I’m just saving these for my records:

74-year-old man was shot in the head with a bullet and says that his head hurts (the bullet is still in his head) but not enough to keep him from his job!


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