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December 22, 2008

LOTD for December 22

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It looks like the governments of Indonesia and South Africa have enacted policies that have resulted in hundreds of thousands of deaths and the delay in finding a cure for the H5N1 flu:

The NY Times’ editorial about how just about all Navy and Air Force modernization projects should be canceled and the money should be used to fund ground troops created quite a stir this weekend!

Canadian forces will be using Israeli-made Heron UAVs to scout convoy routes and search for roadside bombs:

Iraqi troops and police are apparently abusing prescription drugs due to the stress of their jobs:

The BlackBerry Storm and other BlackBerry models must be doing *very* well…RIM is hiring 1,250 people, mostly or R&D engineers! Given the layoffs and freezes at other companies, RIM should be able to hire some really good talent right now. RIM has 10,000 employees and Nokia has 123,000 employees!

The BlackBerry Storm was launched in Canada, but sold out immediately. They are having a problem getting supply, and they are charging a LOT of money and requiring 3-year contracts to get a the Storm at a reasonable price (a higher price than a 2-year contract will get a Storm in the US!):

HTC has been selling a ton of G1 phones…and they will apparently be selling a G2 phone soon! The phone will be on a different carrier than T-Mobile (so, no competition between the G1 and G2 phones), so hopefully that will come to Verizon around the time Lori qualifies for a new phone!

Palm was able to get $100 mil from Elevation Partners…considering the tight credit market and the $506 million that Palm lost last quarter, I’m amazed they got that deal:

Garmin (the GPS Navigation company) has been rumored to be working on a phone for that past year or two…and now they have revealed that they will be releasing an Android-based phone next year!

Garmin denied the digitimes report and said that their Nuvifone isn’t Android-based, but they are developing an Android phone:

Vendors around the world have started trailing LTE….it really seems to be gathering momentum:

Nice story about a high school football player that will unfortunately probably be going to BYU instead of UH:

Samsung got skydivers to try to set the Guinness World Record for fastest text messaging while skydiving…I didn’t realize that was a category Guinness would track!

This guy was able to ride a bicycle 107 miles per hour…until it spontaneously disintegrated:

These two guys put their BlackBerry Storm touchscreen through “torture tests” and showed that the screens did not get scratched no matter how hard they tried to scratch them!


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