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December 23, 2008

LOTD for December 23

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The Department of Homeland Security is expanding the categories of people that they collect biometric data from, now including those with green cards. The ACLU points out that they are forcing legal permanent residents to give biometric data when they enter the US, but the exit portion of the program still has not been created. So, the US knows when people enter our country but they have no idea if they have left!

Windows Mobile has lost a significant amount of market share and is now behind Symbian, BlackBerry, and Apple for smartphone operating systems:

The Android platform has resulted in a big change for developers, especially when contrasted with Apple’s restrictive policies:

Apple and RIM aren’t really taking market share away from each other…they are driving the smaller players like Palm (30% market share at the start of 2007, now only 9% market share!) out of the market:

The new BlackBerry models have given RIM significant momentum that will make for an interesting battle with Apple next year…and it will be hard for the rest of the smartphone makers to get any market share of buzz back:

The music industry has given up on using lawsuits to prevent people from downloading music illegally:

President of a US software company plead guilty to hacking a competitor’s web site…he got a year of probation and a $2500 fine. That seems pretty light and probably won’t deter others:

Woman in LA pulled her friend out of a car that she thought was going to explode…and the California legal system has ruled that she can be sued by her (probably former) friend. I guess that people might hesitate before trying to help others in accidents if they worry that they will be sued:


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