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December 26, 2008

LOTD for December 26

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The Pentagon gave up to $50 mil to for their Minerva Initiative, which picked 7 people in Academia (including professors at UC-San Diego and UT-Austin) for funding:–1.html

The US and Georgia are close to signing a bilateral agreement…Russia’s response will be interesting if this gets done:

It has been reported that Georgia’s President threw punches and a telephone at their Prime Minister:,2933,472872,00.html

Germany and China have joined the host of countries that are working against the Somali pirates:

Man was upset after his divorce was finalized last week…so, he went to his ex-in-law’s home (in Covina. which is around LA) on Christmas Eve dressed as Santa…when a 8-year-old girl opened the door, he shot her through the face! He then sprayed the house with bullets, hitting (and killing) many of the 25 guests at the annual Christmas party. The wrapped present he carried set the house on fire!

Decorated Iraq War vet (who got numerous awards including the Army’s Good Conduct medal) made and sold IEDs to gangs and criminals, for as little as $100!

Australian submarine was 20 seconds away from sinking to the bottom of the ocean, killing the etire crew:,25197,24843466-31477,00.html

The pilot and first officer for Go! Airlines (the low-cost competitor for traveling between islands in Hawaii) admit to sleeping during flights. Those flights are so short (30 minutes or so), couldn’t they nap before or afterwards? The pilot admitted to regularly napping during flights and this time all the pilots slept through the point where they were supposed to start their descent to land the plane!


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