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December 27, 2008

LOTD for December 27

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Brooklyn police officer was watching TV when his partner (who had to interrogate a suspect) asked him to hold his gun for safekeeping. He didn’t secure his weapon, instead just sticking it in his belt…and it fired and hit him. He collected $4.5 million for pain and suffering due to his negligence! He’s collecting a tax-free disability pension even though he’s now working as a sheriff in South Carolina (so he’s not disabled) and he’s collecting lost wages even though he hasn’t lost any wages!

The recession has given a big boost to the Army’s recruiting–the Army exceeded all of their recruiting and retention goals:

There are few open, sunny spaces in Barcelona…so they are putting solar panels over mausoleums with the support of the families involved:

It is hard to imagine that this 14-year-old girl lives for about 4 months without a heart, and after she got her heart transplant she is fine now. She had internal bleeding, kidney and liver failure, and couldn’t breathe on her own half the time. She had no heart in her body for 118 days while she waited for a transplant!

Trained rats are able to help defeat land mines (they do a better job than current mechanical detectors) and detect tuberculosis (early detection saves lives and prevents others from getting infected):

Interesting psychological study found that people are more likely to commit crimes when there is litter or graffiti around:

Study found that babies who are place in forward-facing strollers are “traumatised” and develop into anxious adults, where infants in backwards-facing strollers laughed more and had more interaction with their parents pushing the stroller:

Japan’s widespread use of robots has resulted in them using robots as actors in a play!

After a 90-minute siege of a bank, a New Jersey SWAT team realized that the “bank robber” was actually a cardboard cutout!

There has been a huge increase in infidelity among married people in their 20s:

This report really surprised me–gas stations are making more money now when gas is averaging $1.50 per gallon around the country than they made when gas was over $4 per gallon! The credit card companies are making less now, but the gas stations are making more:


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