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December 28, 2008

LOTD for December 28

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The CIA has found that providing viagra is a very effective tool to make friends and get information in Afghanistan:

I can’t believe that a candidate for the top spot for the Republican National Committee would distribute a song like this about Obama:

3-year-old boy was lost in the woods in Virginia in 17 degree weather…he survived the 21 hours he was lost because two puppies cuddled him to keep him warm!

The current economic problems have prompted New Hampshire to stop all jury trials for a month!,0,387609.story

70-year-old woman in India gave birth…20 years after she entered menopause!

Interesting that 1.1 million less men have jobs now as compared to a year ago, but 12,000 more women have jobs now than last year:

Pretty cool that they are evaluating a pill that will combat jet lag with no aftereffects:

Blueberries apparently can reverse memory loss and may have big implications for people with Alzheimer’s:

Study found that 1 in 5 Americans aged 19-25 have a personality disorder!

I hadn’t realized that Barrack Obama’s Dad was brutally tortured twice a day for more than 6 months by British officers or soldiers! It is no surprise that Obama’s references to the UK in his book weren’t very warm:


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