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December 30, 2008

LOTD for December 29

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Projection is that Asia is headed for an era of “mega-disasters”, due to urbanization, global warming, and food shortages. A single earthquakes could kill more than a million people in China, Indonesia, or the Philippines! Tsunamis and volcanoes pose a similar risk:

The Department of Homeland Security released a privacy report that shows that DHS is in violation of US law and also in violation of the agreement between DHS and the European Union. One of the problems is that DHS hasn’t done the compliance reviews that US law and DHS itself requires:

Cholera deaths in Zimbabwe are rapidly increasing:

Vietnam poultry farms have a major problem with bird flu now, and the cold and wet winter months could make it hard for them to control the bird flu outbreak:

USC researchers have been able to get embryonic stem cells from rats!

US schools will need 200,000 new math and science teachers over the next decade…and there is a bad shortage already, with over 40% of middle school science teachers not being certified to teach science!

Nanoscopic metal particles may be able to greatly improve the ability for solar cells to harvest light efficiently:

Instead of working on computers or software in garages, now hobbyists and inventors are using homemade equipment to create new life forms via genetic engineering:

26-year-old man wanted a remote-controlled airplane for Christmas and got upset that his grandmother gave him a Nintendo Wii instead. When he girlfriend called him names for not liking the Wii, they got into a fight and he allegedly dragged her down two flights of stairs…by her hair. He said that his girlfriend punched him three times. Both were arrested for their fight on Christmas day!


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