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December 30, 2008

LOTD for December 30

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The spin of the Earth is slowing down, so they are adding a leap second tomorrow:

Interesting summary about the debate over NASA’s future with the shuttle being retired and a new Administration about to take over:

A $730 mil clean energy car factory was just opened in Beijing:

Scientists isolated the genes that made the flu of 1918 such a lethal virus (20 million to 50 million killed!):

Russian hackers have been targeting the US and Europe to make big profits and to wage political battles against government websites of countries that act against Russian interests:,0,5001855.story

SPAWAR and Raytheon have recently tested the Deep Siren program, which allows subs to send text messages without having to go to the surface…they shoot a buoy out of the submarine’s trash chute:

The US has been fighting a covert war in Somalia over the past few years…and unfortunately the US is losing, which hurts our ability to clamp down on the Somali pirates:

The US Navy and UK Navy have seized more than 20 tons of drugs since October along the “hash highway” in the Arabian Sea and Gulf of Aden:

The Pentagon has been aiding the filming of Transformers 2:

The Israeli government has been using YouTube and Twitter to try to win the public relations battle during their conflict with Hamas:

Glitches on Microsoft’s and the IRS’s websites helped a fake antivirus company trick people into malicious websites:

Coca-Cola started a trend where 30 billboards in Times Square now use wind power. The wind power billboards will eliminate 1,866 metric tons of carbon dioxide each year:

Dell expects to save $8 million because of their switch to greener packaging:

Not only is newspaper circulation down for the printed papers, the time people spend on newspaper websites is down from last year:


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