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January 4, 2009

LOTD for January 4

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Scientists have used brain scans to find that some couples are just as passionate after 20 years together as others are in the early stages of romance:

Man bought a lottery ticket on the day he died. His widow (they were married for 59 years) eventually looked at the ticket and was found out that he had hit the $10 mil jackpot:

Brothers on a bowling team actually bowled perfect 300 games during the same game! One brother bowled a 752 series (the total of his 3 games) and the other brother bowled a 777 series!

ShopRite refused to personalize a birthday cake for this New Jersey boy, which upset his parents (who got it personalized at Wal-Mart) and caused quite a media controversy…the parents named that boy Adolf Hitler and have a daughter named JoyceLynn Aryan Nation Campbell:

Man was able to stop making alimony payments on the grounds that his wife was “cohabiting” with another person. But that person isn’t someone she is romantically involved with…that is her cellmate in prison!

Cute video of an interview with Michelle Obama discussing how she knew Barrack was the one during their first date. She didn’t date him for awhile and set him up with her friends for awhile because she met him when she was a 1st-year associate at her law firm and he was the first person she was assigned to advise when he was a 1st year law student. The only thing I didn’t like was the assumption that he might be weird because he was from Hawaii:


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  1. Anyone who is in a successful long-term marriage will be able to tell you that their sucess has little to nothing to do with love and certainly not with “romantic love.” Why? Because, in reality, there is no such thing as romantic love. What we feel in a new relationship isn’t love, but a mixture of sexual attraction and pychological stimulation. This fades gradually and is almost always gone in a few years. What holds a marriage together is familial love, which is really no different than what one feels for one’s siblings and parents. The sexual desire remains, but it, too, fades with time, since it is a function of circulating hormone levels and these diminish as we age. The insistence in our society that marriage be be the product of romantic love is one of the primary reasons newer marriages fail. The new relationship energy goes away and there is not sufficient common aspirations, complementary needs and goals to sustain the relationship (not to mention the disillusionment that comes from having fouinded a relationship on something that isn’t sustainable). Not recognizing that our sexual desire for one another will also fade is one of the main reasons long-term marriages fail. We mistake our natural decline in sexual desire as an indictment of our mate’s suitability and, too often, go looking for the burning desire of our youth elsewhere.

    Comment by Don't be ridiculous — January 5, 2009 @ 7:30 am

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