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January 6, 2009

LOTD for January 6

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Article about how the US military is increasing using armed UAVs to keep the peace in hotspots and could be used to end genocide in places like Darfur where concerns over human casualties are a big reason not to send our troops into high-risk locations:

To help its recruiting efforts, the Army is allowing overweight recruits (1,500 so far) to enlist *before* they lose the weight necessary:

To help recruiting, the Army set up a $13 mil video arcade in suburban Philly. The video games are free and include Madden football in addition to military simulations. Unfortunately, only 35 recruits have signed up since it opened in August, less than the traditional recruiting centers that it replaced were signing up for the Army:

The Air Force has a procedure in place for their airmen to comment on blogs that are negative towards the Air Force or US government:

Obama says that the US deficit could reach $1 trillion before their team has a chance to get started:

South Korea is going to spend $38 bil over the next 4 years on “eco-friendly” projects to create jobs and boost their economy. I do think that this is a big growth area and it appears that South Korea wants to get ahead in the market:

Researchers might have found a protein that can block Alzheimer’s!

Nanoscale tractor beam can control DNA with light:

It appears that the testing of M/A-COM’s communications system by the state of New York didn’t go well…M/A-COM and New York are probably headed for court over the $2 bil contract when New York terminates it:

3M has designed a projector that is small enough to fit inside of a cell phone. With this projector, a cell phone could project a 50-inch image!

Skier at an expensive Vail resort was on a ski lift when the chair malfunctioned and he ended up hanging upside down WITHOUT ANY PANTS (his pants got stuck on the chair as he was falling through the hole in the chair, pulling off his pants) for 15 minutes in the freezing cold! I wonder how many lawyers ran for it when they found out about his situation…


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