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January 7, 2009

LOTD for January 7

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Instead of using nuclear or chemical weapons, terrorists could spend a few hundred dollars on a bio-attack using insects that could be a lot more devastating to the US:

Universal Studios is about to buy 300 of this company’s mass-produced solar-electric cars:

Vietnam Vets sue the CIA for the mind control tests the CIA did on them…the tests seem to have included LSD, pot, nerve gas, psychochemicals, thousands of toxic chemical or biological substances, and the insertion of septal implants in the brains of these US soldiers!

Report claims that the F-35 stealth jet ($337 billion program for the US) is not actually stealthy:
Aviation Week article

Some info on the armored limo that Pres. Obama will use:

Someone stole this modified 90-pound autonomous robot from a Portland State professor’s car (I saw a report that stated that he didn’t lock his trunk and the robot was there) that can pull a truck, remotely measure soil temperature, and find missing or stranded astronauts:

Clearwire launched their WiMAX service for Portland. $20 for home internet service! $50 for unlimited WiMAX mobile service! I wish that we had that option here in San Diego…I’d dump my cable modem and connect a WiFi router to the Clearwire modem:

Symbian-based smartphone users need to worry about a bug in their SMS system…if they open a text message from a malicious user, their phone will be prevented from receiving any SMS or MMS messages in the future!–/112368

Article about how netbooks running XP are a cheap alternative to laptops for companies and can even be Blackberry replacements:

Asus released their latest netbook–this one swivels, so it can fold down and turn into a tablet PC!

It is hard for me to believe that the real estate developer who is buying the Miami Dolphins for $1.1 billion is trying to get several hundred million bailout dollars from the US government!,0,1944686.column

The global economic problems have hurt the cell phone porn industry–bringing down the forecast to “just” $2.2 billion for this year. iPhone users have given a big boost to the industry or things would probably be worse:

Colorado is the first state to have African-Americans head both the State senate and House leadership. Having Colorado be the first state for this is surprising, as Colorado only has an African-American population of 4%:

Over half of the households in the US with incomes of $100k or more have a DVR:

4-year-old didn’t like it when a babysitter accidentally stepped on his foot…so he shot her with a shotgun!

Man got upset during an argument with his girlfriend, so he dumped a big container of his pee over her!

Small Maine town in a rural area is reviewing an application for a coffee shop on a busy freeway route. The controversial part for this coffee shop is that it will have topless waitresses!

The porn industry is asking the federal government for a $5 bil bailout:


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