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January 8, 2009

LOTD for January 8

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Article about 10 extinct beasts that could be brought back to life via their DNA…I think they really should have left Neanderthal off this list–I can see bringing back the Gorilla after it is extinct soon and the sabre-toothed tiger could be interesting, but the Neanderthal crosses a line in my mind:

This guy thinks we should use the soon-to-be-retired shuttles to send astronauts to Mars. Unfortunately, that would be a one-way trip:

Continental completed its first test flight that used algae-based jet fuel. No changes to the plane or engine need to be made when biofuels like this are used:

It is really sad that the Army sent 7,000 “John Doe” letters to the families of soldiers killed in Iraq and Afghanistan:

The NYPD wants to be able to jam phones during a terror attack:

A controversial demonstration of cell phone jamming technology was canceled today:

More than 20 countries are teaming up against the Somali pirates:

Obama *really* doesn’t want to give up his BlackBerry, even though the security folks are trying to “pry it out of his hands”:

IPWireless is separated from NextWave and pushing TD-CDMA again. I didn’t realize that Northrop’s public safety network for NY City was using TD-CDMA:
Article link

The investors in Clearwire are taking big changes on their investments…Intel alone is taking a charge of $950 mil due to their Clearwire investment!{43DF388C-73E9-4CE1-97A9-F43D2047DE74}&siteid=yhoof

Thanks in part to the G1 phone, HTC surpassed their goal of 20% revenue growth in 2008, hitting 21% growth:

Microsoft apparently has outbid Google for the default search rights for Verizon phones. Microsoft’s CEO was supposed to announce it at CES today, but Verizon’s CEO let it slip yesterday:

Sprint’s CEO says that they will close 20 or so call centers and cut other jobs, but they will not panic and drop prices:

Qualcomm demonstrated Android running on its Snapdragon chipset at CES:

HP says that its latest netbook is suitable for business users–the large hard drive, small size, and low price will make it an attractive option to laptops:

It is hard to imagine that the newspaper industry is struggling so badly that the NY Times could go bankrupt in May:

UK interest rates are at a 300+ year low!

Florida woman has been suffering from headaches ever since she was treated for a stab wound…an x-ray just found that the hospital released her 3 years ago with a knife blade in her head!

Man donated his kidney to his wife…who soon after had an affair. So, now they are divorced and he’s asking for his kidney back or the $1.5 million the kidney is worth!

34-year-old Pennsylvania man was upset that a friend of his neighbor parked in front of his house…so he used a chain saw to cut down his neighbor’s front door! He was sentenced to 37 years in prison:


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