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January 9, 2009

LOTD for January 9

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US teens feel prepared to enter science and engineering fields, but a lack of mentors and role models discourages 2/3 of them from entering science, technology, engineering, or math fields:

Asteroids have been found that have an outer crust similar to the material found on Earth’s continents!

Drought tolerant corn could be ready as early as next year, which could be a huge boost to farmers around the world:

Scientists have found a way to levitate small objects via quantum mechanics!;_ylt=Av4su5NA53cdnco4MuAKK4nZn414

Tony Tether expected to be replaced no matter who won the Presidential election…but Obama is keeping him in charge of DARPA for at least awhile:

The Army is very worried that the $200 billion Future Combat System program will face cuts, so they are launching a variety of PR campaigns. They did this last year also when it appeared that FCS could be cut:

Article about a high-end and a low-end mobile teleconferencing robot:

I do not think that it is an exaggeration to say that Palm needs its new smartphone, which uses its new operating system, to succeed in order to survive as a company. Palm unveiled its phone at CES and announced that it will be exclusive to Sprint. This is big for Sprint, as they really need a hot smartphone to try to stem their subscriber losses:

Obama asked Congress to delay the 2/17 digital TV switchover:

Unfortunately, delaying the digital TV switch would delay the LTE implementations that Verizon plans for that 700 MHz spectrum:

The forecast is that by 2013, $8.6 billion will be spent on LTE base station infrastructure alone!

TV stations in 22 cities are upgrading to Mobile DTV soon. This would provide TV signals for homes *and* allow people to watch the TV news, weather reports, etc. on their cell phones/MP3 players/GPS units/in-car entertainment systems even when they are driving around!

China Mobile is close to launching an Android-based phone over their TD-SCDMA network:

Tiny Alabama town (population 194) wants $375 million of Obama’s economic stimulus money:

Intel had previously estimated that their investment losses would total $50 mil this quarter…but now they estimate investment losses of $1.2 billion, including a $950 mil for their Clearwire investment:

This is really sick–mother ordered her daughter to have sex with her dad:

Montana bus driver stopped at a liquor store on her way to pick up her students. When police stopped the school bus, she actually ask a kid to hide her liquor!


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