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January 10, 2009

LOTD for January 10

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Fascinating article about the war going on in Gaza right now…both sides are really adaptable with their strategies:

The huge oil tanker (bigger than 3 aircraft carriers and carrying $100 mil in oil) that was captured by Somali pirates was released today after they received a $3 mil ransom yesterday. A pirate skiff capsized, losing some of the money and killing 4 pirates, so they released the tanker today instead of yesterday:

A 6-year-old’s pants were sagging because he didn’t wear a belt to school that day. When someone helped him pull up his pants, a *loaded gun* fell out of his pants! He found it in the trunk of his Dad’s car and brought it to show off at school. It turns out the gun was stolen and when police searched his home, they found a lot more stolen items. So, the first grader is expelled from school and his Dad has been arrested:

Irvine family bought a box of crackers from the Whole Foods store in Tustin…and found $10,000 in cash inside! They gave the money back and it turns out an elderly woman had stored her life savings in the box and then accidentally returned the cracker box! Normally Whole Foods would have sent the box to a composting facility, but some worker messed up and the box went back to the store shelves so the money was not lost! This report mentions how the family that turned in the money didn’t get a thank you from the elderly woman or from the store–they didn’t even get a replacement box of crackers until they asked for one a couple of weeks later!

When the news got out about what that family had did, all the TV networks wanted interviews…which the family declined. It is nice that the elderly woman’s family at least left a voicemail for them. The company that makes those crackers donated $10,000 to the Second Harvest Food Bank of Orange County at the family’s request, which is just awesome:

It is awesome that the Mars rovers Spirit and Opportunity are still in operation after 5 years on Mars, especially since the original hope was for them to survive for 3 months on the cold Mars surface (-148 degrees in the winter!):

BusinessWeek has an interesting analysis that seems to indicate that we should only see modest price increases for gas in 2009. Of course, political events could cause the price to skyrocket, but other than that it looks like supply can meet or exceed demand:

Thank you to Lori for these series of articles on a subject that I hadn’t heard of before…women with two wombs! As many as 1 in a thousand 3000 women have two wombs!

This UK woman is believed to be the first in the world with two wombs who gave birth to triplets. She had identical twins in one womb and another child from the other womb, where she had one egg in each womb fertilized at the same time:

This mother had triplets…she gave birth two twins (one fetus had died 5 weeks earlier in her womb), and the other baby was delivered 72 days later! She had a baby…and had another baby 72 days later!


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