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January 12, 2009

LOTD for January 12

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Lots of older women have been given estrogen as part of hormone therapy…but it turns out the estrogen shrinks their brains!

The FBI considers cyber attacks the 3rd biggest threat to the US…

India says that open WiFI access points helps terrorists, so they are going to randomly visit homes to check if their WiFi network is secure. With a survey finding recently that 80% of WiFi networks in South Mumbai are unprotected, it will be hard to get every rid of every unprotected connection!

It is sad to read about the problems with intelligence sharing on the Afghan-Pakistan border. The center opened last March and a key feature is that it can received Predator video…but they don’t have anyone trained to analyze the Predator video so that info is wasted!

Article about the doubts over the claims by the F-35 JSF:

Europe may soon go to a standardized, contactless, student ID, where the ID will work at all Universities:

The biometric immigration system that Japan switched to has already been breached–people on the banned list can buy fake passports and use tape to replace their fingerprints with someone else that is not on the banned list. If regular people without much money can do this, you can bet that the terrorists can easily defeat the biometric security measures:

Nortel wanted to see its metro Ethernet business to Huawei…but concerns over Huawei’s ties to the Chinese government and potential espionage killed the deal. An Israeli company was offering $50 mil when Huawei was offering $400 mil…it would be sad for Nortel if they have to take the $50 mil offer now:

Clearwire showed off a great device at CES last week–it converts Clearwire’s WiMAX signal and can support 8 WiFi links:

Motorola may be laying off half of its handset division:

Qualcomm is trying to get its Snapdragon platform to beat out Intel’s Atom platform for netbooks and other small mobile devices. Snapdragon is Linux-based and Atom is XP-based, which is one reason why Qualcomm feels it has an advantage:

Intel just took a $950 mil loss on its $1.6 bil investment into Clearwire, but they say that they are still a strong supporter of WiMAX:

Illinois couple married at a Taco Bell–their wedding cost just $200:

Facebook put in a ban on breast feeding photos…and angry moms have gotten together in huge protests! Right away they had a protest site with 160,000 members and all kinds of other protests going on:


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