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January 13, 2009

LOTD for January 13

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Credit card scam is going around that hopes millions of people ignore 25 cent charges to their credit card:

Army officials are meeting to decide how to cut the $160+ billion Future Combat Systems program:–lobby/major-restructuring-looming-for-top-army-program-2009-01-10.html

Senior US military commander says that the US has no strategic plan for Afghanistan and never had one:

One person died (he just graduated from Texas A&M in 2008 ) and 4 were injured when a Black Hawk helicopter crashed on the Texas A&M campus:–1-dead–4-injured

Israel is using videographers and photographers to document why they are attacking locations that they normally would attack (hospitals, mosques, schools, etc.):

M/A-COM apparently sent a letter to the state of New York that threatened a lawsuit if NY decided to cancel their $2 billion contract due to the results of the systems-integration test:

The CEO of CellAntenna makes the case for jamming cellular signals in prisons. It is amazing that the cellular companies make an estimated $2 billion off of cellular calls from prisoners:

IBM researchers captured the first 3D image of a virus, improving resolution as compared standard MRIs by 100 million times!

Berkley scientists (via NSF funding) are creating a site to try to change the image of science and teach others what science really is:

Article about how compact fluorescent light bulbs and other “green” products are actually bad for the environment:

Obama’s stimulus plan includes broadband rollout to underserved areas, a smart energy grid, and computers and new technology and training for schools:

Sony hasn’t lost money in any year over the past 14 years…but they apparently lost $1.1 billion in 2008:

Senior Executive at Telestra says that HTC’s new Android phone (G2?) is better and more functional than Palm’s new phone and will be a competitor to the iPhone:

Commentary on how Palm’s new platform and operating system will fail if it isn’t marketed heavily and if they don’t release the necessary information to developers:

Those interested in trying the Windows 7 beta should be aware that is has a problem with both Norton and McAfee Antivirus programs:

The Nintendo Wii and DS sales were amazing in December, and this analyst says that Nintendo saved the game industry this Christmas:;title;1

Another sign of the struggles for the newspaper industry–the Dallas Morning News and the Fort Worth Star-Telegram will split their sports beats–DMN will cover the Dallas Mavericks and Dallas Stars (NBA and NHL teams, not minor sports!) and FWST will cover the Texas Rangers and NASCAR (MLB and NASCAR are also huge in the south!):

6-year-old missed the school bus…so he got the keys to his parent’s car and tried to drive to school! He went 6 miles before he crashed the car, then he started walking from there because he didn’t want to miss school. His parents slept through the whole thing…and why did his parents let him play the M-rated Grand Theft Auto game?

Central California man was arrested for trying to sell his 14-year-old daughter into marriage for $10,000, 100 cases of beer, and several cases of meet. Police found out when the father went to them to complain that the guy who bought her daughter hadn’t paid him what they agreed!


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