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January 14, 2009

LOTD for January 14

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Israel is being accused of war crimes due to its use of phosphorous shells:

General Dynamics has a smartphone that has been certified for top secret communications…maybe they will convince Obama to give up his BlackBerry for that phone:

There are a lot of ground telescopes that will come online this year. Couple with the upgrade of the Hubble and the launch for the Herschel telescope that is bigger and more powerful than the Hubble, this will be a great year for astronomers!

MIT has come up with an awesome technique to enable blind people to see photographs by projecting images directly onto the retina in one eye. If they can really make that device for less than $500, they might have a big market and improve the lives of millions of people:

Sandia found that 16 multicores perform barely as well as dual-core systems for complex applications, due to the lack of memory bandwidth and contention between processors over the memory:

Dietary supplements are now using nanomaterials in the manufacturing process…and the FDA cannot evaluate the safety of those supplements due to a lack of information, lack of resources, and lack of authority in critical areas:

New technology enables rusted metal to be detected in concrete structures:

List of the top 11 compounds found in US drinking water:

Interesting list of the 25 most dangerous programming mistakes that have resulted in security bugs and have enabled cybercrime and cyber espionage:

NYPD sergeant pled guilty to illegally obtaining a name from an FBI terrorist watchlist and giving it to an acquaintance to use in a child custody case. He was able to get access to the FBI list because a fellow cop left his username and password on a notepad so that other cops could access the system when he wasn’t around!

Northrop is celebrating the 20th Anniversary of the first flight for the Stealth bomber, with the centerpiece of the celebration being this awesome looking B-2 bomber-themed motorcycle:

Palm is basically betting its survival on its new phone that runs its new operating system. That does make me wonder why they are limiting that phone in the US to Sprint customers:

Citi analyst predicts that Palm will sell 1.5 million Pre phones in 2009:

Dell may be launching its own smartphone as early as next month. Remember, in 2007 they hired the Motorola exec who was the force behind the RAZR phone:

Nortel filed for bankruptcy today:

My friend Larry Coon had an article about him published in the NY Times! He has done an awesome job with his salary cap FAQ…I was glad to have helped him with it and I used to be up on the subject as well as any fan…until Larry spearheaded the effort to really understand the salary cap and created his amazing website resource:

This 13-year-old sent 14,528 text messages in December!

This 14-year-old girl in Florida actually passed 35,000 text messages in a month twice last year! The article also mentions that a man in India reportedly sent 182,689 in a month!,0,5867250.story

1 in 5 US teenagers have electronically sent or posted online nude or semi-nude photos of themselves:

I feel really bad about the poor in India who had their homes bulldozed:


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