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January 15, 2009

LOTD for January 15

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New York canceled the $2.1 bil contract with M/A-COM for a statewide wireless network for emergency workers. In fact, New York is demanding that M/A-COM pay it at least $50 million due to M/A-COM’s poor performance on the contract. New York can apparently get $50 mil quickly from M/A-COM’s letter of credit, then M/A-COM will need to replenish that letter of credit and New York will probably ask for $4+ million more. M/A-COM is almost guaranteed to file a lawsuit because they lost the $2.1 billion contract, they can lose up to $100 million on their letter of credit, and they haven’t received a penny from New York yet so they are out tens or hundreds of millions in expenses:

NASA and Northrop unveiled their Global Hawk long-endurance UAV that will be used for environmental science research:

I think that it is pretty cool that four student’s from New Jersey’s High Tech High had a paper published in a math journal. This was part of a high school contest where they had to research and write the paper in less than 14 hours, and they got to split $20,000 in scholarships for winning:

The top secret DoD deep space inspection of a military spacecraft is setting off all types of anti-satellite alarms by other countries (especially China):

Duke University demonstrated a new metamaterial algorithm for creating cloaking devices that works over more frequencies and can be fabricated much quicker than other techniques (9 days from concept to fabrication instead of months):

The methane discovered on Mars either comes from geologic activity or from biology (possibly microbes) on Mars:

Motorola is going to lay off 4,000 people (3,000 from their mobile handset division) due to their poor cell phone sales. They laid off 3,000 others (2,000 from their mobile handset division) in October, but these 4,000 are in addition to that 3,000:

An Ericsson employee stole prototypes worth $90,000, but Ericsson is keeping the details as quiet as possible:

Some AT&T customers were upset when they got the mass text message promoting American Idol:

A handset vendor in Kenya has launched an Obama-branded phone. The handset has Obama’s colors and logo, plus it has “Obama” and “Yes We Can” on the handset. Somehow I doubt that Obama approved this use of his name and campaign slogan and I doubt he’s getting any money from the Obama phone:

Microsoft’s servers crashed when said that the first 2.5 million people to download the Windows 7 beta would get it for free. To make up for that, they are given the Windows 7 Beta to anyone who asks for it by January 23:

Another bad sign for the newspaper industry–Gannett is asking its employees to take one week of unpaid vacation during the first quarter of this year:

A bill was introduced in South Carolina that attempts to make profanity illegal, with a fine of up to $5000 or up to 5 years in prison for a

The woman selling her virginity apparently is within her legal rights and she has had 10,000 bidders, including a bid at $3.7 million!,2933,480037,00.html

Hawaii scored the lowest among all states for having teachers without the proper credentials teaching classes:

The PS2 passed the 50 million sales mark in North America (43 million in the US):

Woman gave birth two days after dying…they kept her on life support so that her baby’s lungs could develop before birth:


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  1. New York will pull down on the 50 million and the applicant M/A-COM will replenish the letter of credit.

    M/A-COM will probably prefer being sued over the money instead of handing it over right away.

    Comment by letterofcredit — January 29, 2009 @ 12:32 pm

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