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January 18, 2009

LOTD for January 18

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Is Belkin paying people to write positive reviews on Amazon? Either this is a fake or they have been caught red-handed!

Nanodiamond find supports the theory that a swarm of comets of meteorites triggered a 1,300 year cold spell 12,900 years ago:

The brains of older people filter out unpleasant memories, which helps them be more contented than younger people:

Very interesting study found that people spend researching a job change or a new car than they spend researching an operation they are about to have or researching the surgeon that will be operating on them:

Woman sued New York for $10 million because they wouldn’t let them take her 120-pound dog on the subway. She named her dog Wargas and posted on the internet that her dog was dangerous and she enjoyed how people stay out of her dog’s way:

Executions in the US were at a 14-year low (37 executions), with states less enthusiastic to pursue the death penalty now because of the estimated $30 million it costs to execute a prisoner:

Chessington Zoo workers discovered that it is a very, very bad idea to feed a gorilla brussell sprouts…the zoo had to issue an apology for the strong smell that resulted:


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