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January 21, 2009

LOTD for January 21

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Used coffee grounds could be used to create fuel for cars instead of being sent to landfills…this could turn this waste product into 340 million gallons of biodiesel!

This solar-powered LED works with just about any used plastic bottle:

The drop in air pollution in the US is linked to increased life expectancy, with longer life expectancy increases for cities that cleaned up their air the most:

Three more people in China have been confirmed to have the bird flu:

Two more people in Indonesia have died of the bird flu, including a 5-year-old child:

Report released by the US Joint Forces Command warns that the Mexican government is in danger of collapsing:

The YouTube channel created by the Israeli military during the Gaza conflict was not part of their master plan..some 20-something-year-old soldiers wanted to create something for YouTube and it received an amazing amount of attention:

Fisherman pled guilty to throwing pipe bombs at dolpins to get them away from fishing lines:

Spiderman and the octopus have inspired this new technique to end high speed chases safely:

Heartland Payment Systems might have had the largest data breach in history…payroll and credit card payments for 250,000 businesses might have been compromised!

The IRS still hasn’t fixed the problems it has with cyber security:

The Air Force will train hundreds each year in cyber warfare:

Some members of the military are not happy about Obama’s plan to end the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy:

Some people are upset that Obama plans to replace the White House bowling alley with a basketball court. I love how the bowling lobby says that replacing the bowling alley will hurt his political prospects. A lot of people are already trying to request to play basketball with Obama. I know that Magic Johnson already started a public lobbying campaign and others are mentioned in this article:

Obama’s inauguration was the fourth most-watched in TV history. I’m sure that it was the most-watched over the Internet:

Some pictures have leaked out for HTC’s new Android-based G2 phone:

HTC talked about their Android strategy and other issues:

Google canceled their program to sell ads in newspapers:

Man’s eyebrows were so long that he organized an event that raised $1,600 for charity where donors got to shave his eyebrows:


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