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January 22, 2009

LOTD for January 22

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Al Qaeda has apparently been experimenting with a biological weapon…but they had to abandon one of their camps because 40 of their members died after being exposed to the plague. Thinking about them working on biological weapons is chilling and the Obama administration will need to focus significant attention on their efforts:

The Bush Administration looked all over for weapons of mass destruction in Iraq…who knew that they could have found some in a dump in Washington State? It is hard to believe that weapons-grade plutonium was found in a jar at a dump:

I think that it is great that electric cars are being used to store and provide power to the electrical grid! I’m impressed that Delaware somehow beat San Francisco and Austin to this. Our current electrical grid has no storage capability, which is a major flaw that electric cars can help overcome! One electric car can store enough energy to provide power for 7 or 8 homes for 30 minutes:

Scientists have found a cellular mechanism that might fight the aging process. Changing one gene reduces free radicals and extends the life of fruit flies:

Top spysat chief says that Obama should let DARPA fix the economy:

Pres. Obama got his way and he will now be the first President to use a BlackBerry:

There is a big debate going on now over how evolution is taught in Texas public schools:

The tough economy seems to have resulted in a big drop in 3G iPhone sales last quarter…but what the article doesn’t point out is that the sales were up 88% compared to last year:

Huawei will launch their Android phone next month!

Femtocells will be available for Verizon customers on January 25…this will be great for those who have poor cell phone service in their homes:

Obama’s staff found the White House in the technological dark ages. I liked the analogy of how they went from an XBox to an Atari:

Consumer Reports discovered that some of the things that Circuit City is selling at liquidation “sale” prices actually cost more now than they did before the liquidation sale! A TV actually costs $435 more now during the liquidation “sale” and a printer is actually double the online price!

Obama signed the executive order to close the Guantanamo Bay detention facility:

Rush Limbaugh says that he wants Obama to fail:

Maternity hospital in Taiwan is putting Hello Kitty everywhere in order to calm anxious mothers:

Dad let his 11-month-old son play with the phone…the son accidentally dialed 9-1-1…when the police showed up, they discovered his 500 pot plants!

I didn’t realize that the man who bid $3.8 million in the virginity auction is from Australia. I also didn’t realize that religious teens who sign virginity pledges are just as likely to have sex before marriage and *less* likely to use protection when they have sex:


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