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January 23, 2009

LOTD for January 23

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Pretty cool that the Aptera 2e is slated to come out in October! It gets the equivalent of 200 mpg and goes 100 miles between charges. It is an all-electric 3-wheel car, so I’m not sure how they calculated mpg. It will be classified a motorcycle and be only available in California:

The flying car is on the market also:

I never realized that the CIA funded the publishing of the Russian version of Dr. Zhivago, which allowed the Nobel Prize committee to award the author, which was a big embarrassment to the USSR. A book needs to be published in its native language to be eligible for a Nobel Prize, but the USSR was obviously not going to let it be published there…so the CIA published its Russian edition in Holland:

The ScanEagle UAV was designed to track dolphins and tuna from fishing boats to ensure that tuna is “dolphin-safe”, but now the Navy and others rely on it too:

Georgia Tech is working to try to get UAVs to be quieter, which would make them more stealthy:

The situation in Mexico is so bad now that the Marines are not allowed to go to Tijuana…we can send them to Iraq and Afghanistan but we won’t let them drive across the border!

The Army is working on “exploding marmalade” missile technology:

The FDA approved the first embryonic stem cell trial:

Article about the security measures being taken for Obama’s BlackBerry:

Article about how exclusive it will be to be on Obama’s approved BlackBerry list:

Article about how McCain will be a strong ally for Obama on issues where they agree:

Google exceeded the expectations of analysts for their previous quarter, though their net income was down due to write-downs of their investments into AOL (down $726 million) and Clearwire (down $355 million). I love that they are allowing their employees to exchange their underwater stock options (Google’s stock has dropped significantly over the past year+), which will cost Google about $490 million:

Article that tries to figure out which divisions of Microsoft will be hit hardest by their announced layoff of 5,000 people:

It is pretty scary that 9 million+ computers are infected by a superworm due to a Microsoft Windows vulnerability:

It looks like the BlackBerry Storm enabled Verizon to retain its customers the best out of the US cellular companies, and also to grow by 5.5% (taking a lot of customers from Sprint). For every Verizon customer that switched to Sprint, *10* Sprint customers switched to Verizon!

Poor stay-at-home Mom won a $20,000 in a scratch-off lottery…her friend volunteered to take the ticket to verify that it was a winner (even though the ticket itself tells you when you won!) and somehow claimed to have “lost” the ticket:


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