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January 26, 2009

LOTD for January 26

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New Zealand man bought a used MP3 player for $10…and found confidential US military files on it!

Looks like a fairly low-power laser was able to shoot down a UAV at White Sands. It is pretty impressive that they were about to get a viable weapon with just 1kW, when current lasers require at least 100kW to be powerful enough to be used as a weapon:

Article about how the latest development shows that our spy satellites can spy on other satellites, which is a capability that other countries might feel they need to respond to:

The USDA is worried about having genetically modified food enter the US from China, Brazil, and India:

Tainted honey is entering the US food supply far too regularly. Apparently about 1/3 of the honey sold in the US comes from China, and food labels are purposely being mislabeled as being from the US…Chinese honey is sold to one food distributor who tests it and finds that it is contaminated, returning it to the seller…and the seller turns around and sells it to another food distributor that doesn’t test its honey!

Sprint is cutting 8,000 jobs and looking for many more ways to save money:

Motorola is laying off 77 Windows Mobile developers, with speculation that they will dump Windows Mobile and focus solely on Android for Motorola mobile phones:

Verizon Wireless customers can set up a femtocell in their homes for $250, with no monthly fees after the purchase:

Article about the huge problems that Microsoft is facing right now, including a potential $8.5 billion settlement they would have to pay over misleading “Vista capable” claims:

Cute story about how this couple met at a dance, had a long-distance courtship via letters for 6 years, and have now celebrated their 58th wedding anniversary:

It is pretty sad how budget cuts forced Hawaii to stop the safety inspections of dams and tried to conceal that fact…three months before a dam collapsed that killed 7 people and destroying a lot of property:

Mexican chefs made a TWO TON cheesecake:


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