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January 27, 2009

LOTD for January 27

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The lawsuits between New York and M/A-COM are going to be pretty nasty, especially since the contract was worth $2 billion and each side is asking the other for tens of millions in damages:

The New York-M/A-COM lawsuit will have an impact throughout the wireless industry. If Motorola was in better shape, they could dominate the LMR market now (Motorola and M/A-COM are the top 2 companies in that market):

The US military is overseeing nearly two dozen solar power projects in Iraq:

The University of Nevada-Reno’s first crop of algae for biofuel was a success, demonstrating that algae can be an economical, commercially viable renewable energy source for Nevada. I’m surprised that the algae can be grown outdoors year-round in Reno…it gets so cold there!

NASA is working on supersonic aircraft that do not have the “sonic boom” effect:

Article about how the worst disaster that could happen to the Earth would be if it went through one of the giant dust clouds in our galaxy…it would take 100,000 years to get out of the dust cloud, and the sun would be blocked out so everything would freeze over and life would basically end on Earth! The “good” news is that the Earth isn’t scheduled to hit one of those dust clouds for another 40 million years or more:

British pilots have been trying to shoot down UFOs since the 1980s, but no results so far:

University of Texas at Houston researchers got $5.2 million from DARPA to develop a fracture putty that could regenerate leg bones shattered by IEDs or roadside bombs. If this works, it would have obvious benefits for soldiers and civilians:

Vapor Fuel Technologies claim that they will be able to retrofit current cars for just $900 to get them to have more than 30% improved fuel efficiency and 30% less emissions:

Israel is using antelope to help its efforts against Hezbollah:

People around the world are eating so many frog legs that the survival of the frog species is in danger:

It is great that wineries are adapting to solar energy in such a big way:

The GEM Peapod (used to be called the Chrysler GEM Peapod) car is launching this Earth Day (April) and I hope it finds its niche–it is an electric car that will cost just $12,500, but it has a 30-mile range and cannot go on the freeway:

At least Verizon is doing well in this difficult economy:

Not only was Verizon’s earnings up 7.6% in 2008 as compared to 2007, they sold 1 million BlackBerry Storms between Nov. 21 and the end of January,

T-Mobile and Meru have partnered up to bring FMC to enterprise customers:

Nice special report on the layoffs that have been occurring in the wireless industry:

34-year-old woman suffered a heart attack 10 days after giving birth to her son and was in a coma for 2 weeks. They tried all types of things to get her out of her coma, but nothing worked and the doctors told her husband that she could be in a coma indefinitely. But he got her to wake from her coma by asking for a kiss!

I think that it is CRAZY that cameras have been installed in the bathrooms in this UK high school…they are concerned about misuse of soap and paper, but cameras to record what goes on in a bathroom seems like overkill and invasion of privacy. Who is monitoring the people watching the high school kids in the bathroom?

14-year-old boy reported for work at a Chicago police station and was actually able to be on patrol for 5 hours before they realized he wasn’t a police officer!


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