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January 28, 2009

LOTD for January 28

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62% of prescription medicine sold over the internet are fakes, with potentially fatal consequences. Not only are those purchasers risking their lives, but they may also be funding terrorism:

It is shameful that the peanut plant that has caused deaths and massive recalls of peanut products throughout the US knew about the problems 2 years ago. I cannot understand how they could test their own products, find that there was a salmonella problem, and then instead of fixing the problem they just could keep testing their product over and over until one test passed their peanuts!

A mathematical model created to win the board game Clue has inspired a technique that could help robot mine sweepers:

Computer manufacturer Acer will release a smartphone next month:

LG is recalling one of its cell phones (they might have sold up to 250,000 of them!) because it emits too much radiation. They are apparently only recalling them in Canada…Industry Canada decertified the phone but I don’t know if the FCC has tested the phone:

An Android developer leaked the details of the next version of Android on his blog:

Google rejected the first attempt by this Australian company to make an Android phone (the screen was too small and there were some software issues), but they are coming out with a revised Android phone soon:

It is pretty cool that the 3rd generation Prius that will be at Toyota dealerships in the Spring will have an optional solar panel on its roof:

The House Republicans were able to defeat the bill that was going to delay the digital TV transition–the House needed a 2/3 vote to pass instead of a majority:

It appears that San Diego will have to start rationing water on July 1:

The drum major that was suspended because he nodded towards Obama during the inauguration has now quit his band:


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