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January 30, 2009

LOTD for January 30

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A volcano may be erupting soon in Alaska. I didn’t realize that volcanoes there don’t spew lava…instead, they shoot out this rock-like ash 9 miles up and the jet stream can take the ash quite far away:

South Korean company claims to have created the first cloned dogs:

Tech sector layoffs hit 186,995 in 2008, the most in 5 years. 228,325 tech sector workers were laid off in 2003, and 695,581 were laid off in 2001 during the “dot-com bust”:

Major worry that terrorist groups can take advantage of our lax food and drug safety precautions to attack the US. Instead of hijacking a plane, they can just slip agents into a processing plant in China and cause far, far more damage! It is scary to think that in 2006 and 2007 the FDA conducted *zero* inspections of Chinese food importers:

$500 million of the economic stimulus package is going for the new airport X-ray machines. There are only two companies that make those machines–I hope that they are buying from the company that makes them in LA, because the UK company that makes them in Germany isn’t going to stimulate our economy!

The FDA admits that cloned meat and milk may already be in our food supply, despite how they asked food companies to voluntarily ban all food products from cloned animals. The tests haven’t been done yet to tell us whether or not meat and milk from cloned animals is safe…but it is already in our food supply!

Obama’s new Homeland Security Chief (FEMA is under Homeland Security) ordered an immediate review of what occurred during Katrina:

It is really sad to read about how flawed our government contracting system is–giving bonuses to companies that fail on projects, allowing programs to regularly go over budget, etc.

Dell’s smartphone may be coming out next month. Dell has been working on 2 phones–one based on Windows Mobile and one based on Android. One has an iPhone-like touchscreen and the other has a G1-like slide-out keyboard:

Nortel ended all work on 16e and will focus on LTE now:
Press release

It is sad that spammers are targeting twitter now. It is quite easy for them to get twitter users’ addresses, so this is a potentially huge problem for twitter:

Remember the woman who gave birth to 8 kids recently? It turns out that she *already* has 6 other young children (ages 7, 6, 5, 3, 2, and 2). I do not understand why this 33-year-old woman was given fertility treatments (they normally do not give fertility treatments to anyone younger than 35)! She may or may not be married, but her father is going to Iraq to work as a contractor to make money to support his grandchildren:,0,5460225.story

Chula Vista is the last chance for the Chargers to stay in San Diego County…but there are MAJOR problems: the site that the stadium could be built on is currently used by a power plant that cannot be torn down because it is in use, the credit market will make it hard for the Chargers to finance the stadium, and the mayor of Chula Vista apparently doesn’t want the Chargers there. Couple this with the Chargers hiring a PR firm in LA and it looks like LA might get a pro team around 2011 or 2012:

Spinner sharks migrate close to the Florida shore this time of year…and they have been jumping up out of the water a few feet from where people are surfing!

Swiss police found a pot farm with 1.2 tons of pot by using Google Earth:

17-year-old boy tried to help his friend by taking a test for her. He had to dress up like a girl to take her test, but he was caught. I didn’t realize that going to a school to help someone cheat on a test could result in burglary charges!


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