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January 31, 2009

LOTD for January 31

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I cannot describe how sad I was when I first read this article. An Afghan citizen was detained at Gitmo for about six years, even though he apparently had been fighting *against* the Taliban and was a part of the pro-American Afghan government…Taliban collaborators made up accusations to get our military to take him away so that those Taliban collaborators could take over his Afghan government job, and we detained him for nearly 6 years:

It is disturbing to me that the donors to Prop 8 in California are having their addresses spotlighted in Google Maps. There are a lot of sick people out there and the last thing that we need is to make it easy for them to attack people on the other side of the issue…if this continues, this will happen to donors on *both* sides of every issue, then it could spread to doctors, lawyers, etc.:

The Consumer Product Safety Improvement was passed after a lot of publicity last year but seems horribly flawed! The law is supposed to come into effect on February 10 and could kill all thrift stores and craft stores…and basically outlaws children’s books in bookstores and libraries! They have a choice of banning children from libraries or removing all children’s books (which would keep children out of the library)

Women with higher estrogen levels not only look and feel prettier, but they dress more provocatively and show more thrill-seeking behavior. Women with high levels of the estrogen known as estradial are considered more attractive and are more likely to have affairs:

Study found that heavy use of coffee may lead to hallucinations:

Article about “love potions” mentions how marriage counselors might administer oxytocin (via a nasal spray) in the future as a part of marital therapy that would help prevent couples from divorcing. They also seem to have an “anti-love potion” (oxytocin blocker) that would prevent someone from falling in love:

UK man beat a 98 mph speeding ticket by proving that his 14-year-old Civic had a max speed of 85 mph:–buying-car-proving-manage-speed-85mph.html

The common cold remedy Vicks VapoRub is apparently harmful if used on children under 2 years old:


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