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February 2, 2009

LOTD for February 2

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It is sad to read about the billions we wasted in Iraq…and this explains in part why the reconstruction of Iraq went so slow and needed more money. Bags of cash just being taken out of the Coalition Provisional Authority…sad.

Three Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) computers were stolen from the home of a LANL employee and a LANL BlakcBerry was lost in a “sensitive foreign country”:

Sensors along the US-Canadian border foiled two smuggling attempts with over $2.6 million in ecstasy:

Nine countries near Somalia signed an agreement to work together against the Somali pirates:

I think that it is awesome that San Diego has a cluster of companies working on alternative vehicles. If the electric, plug-in, and hybrid vehicles take off, there will be a nice economic boom in San Diego…hopefully Aptera and the rest of these companies succeeds, because not only will that be good for the environment and economy, but they are talking about hiring increments of 100 people at a time:

Santa Clara Utilities found a great use for the bankrupt MetroFi’s WiFi coverage…they paid $205k for the WiFi network and saved over $500k and a year of work. Because Santa Clara Utilities is a nonprofit organization, this means that the people in Santa Clara will pay less for their utility bills!^1769982

It sounds like it will be quite some time before Flash comes to the iPhone–this means that a lot of websites cannot display their videos properly for iPhone users…Apple and Abode have been working on this for over a year!

Verizon seems to be doing well with BlackBerry Storm sales, but sales of the Storm by Vodafone in Europe have dropped significantly:

Obama still won’t say whether or not he’s using a BlackBerry:

The Infoworld article above and several articles have speculated that Obama had to switch from his BlackBerry to a Sectera Edge. However, this photo (taken on 1/29/09) on Edgadget shows that he’s using a BlackBerry 8830:

The acting FCC Chairman blames the Bush Administration for the problems with the Digital TV transition and the possible need to delay it until June…TV stations will spend $10k per month to keep their analog systems transmitting over-the-air and that spectrum has already been auctioned off for $19 billion:

Man in China died when his cell phone exploded…the 7th man in China to have died from an exploding phone in China. The article mentions that the man had been using a replacement battery in his cell phone and recommends that people only use the battery that comes with the cell phone:

Comcast cable TV viewers in Tuscon watching the Super Bowl were shocked when they were switched from the game to a porn movie!,0,2132103.story


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